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Brenda Stanton
Brenda Stanton - understand the needs and perceptions of staff regarding volunteers.
Hamish Kent
Hamish Kent - charities have a duty to protect everyone who works for them.

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Contents – New Year 2014 issue

Page 8 – Building volunteering from the ground up
Brenda Stanton on developing optimum value from volunteers.

Page 9 – How charities should be using local radio
Steve Hemsley on fully utilising radio opportunities.

Page 10 – Understanding and then insuring charity risks
Hamish Kent on conflict zones and insurance for charity staff.

Page 11 – Pensions auto-enrolment challenges for charities
Greg Pearson on meeting auto-enrollment requirements.

Page 12 – Understanding charity investment performance
Guy Davies on charity investment performance basics.

No. 94 | New Year 2014
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