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Alex Goldup - no charity should think that a rebrand might not be for them in the future.

Steve Cook - the charity sector is going through a paradigm shift in public understanding.

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Contents – No. 108 Early Summer 2016

Page 9 - PR can make or break a charity rebrand
Alex Goldup on the key ingredient of PR in rebranding.

Page 10 - Redefinition for charities before marketing
Steve Cook on the requirement to redefine charity and charities.

Page 11 - Charities having to register people with significant control
Cordelia O'Regan on the new requirement affecting charitable companies.

Page 12 - Practical guidance on duties of a charity trustee
Debbie McIlwraith on the helpful document for Scotland's charity trustees.

Page 13 - NEWS - section 1
Charity wins First World War garden award, and other stories.

Page 14 - NEWS - section 2
Putting a real buzz into charity marketing, and other stories.

No. 108 Early Summer 2016
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