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“Superheroes of our oceans”, according to the Wild Oysters Project - in just one year the project’s 4,000 oysters have filtered out almost 98 million litres of water.

Marine charity project has wide impact

The Wild Oysters Project is celebrating after finding over 27,000 marine animals living among its native oyster nurseries – indicating that the restoration project is helping more than just oysters. A partnership between ZSL (Zoological Society of London), Blue Marine Foundation and British Marine, the three-year Wild Oysters Project aims to help restore coastal waters around the UK by bringing back native oysters from the brink of extinction after they declined by over 95%.

Spanning coastal regions across England, Scotland and Wales, there are now 140 oyster nurseries and 4,000 oysters across three British estuaries. The restoration project has discovered 65 species of other marine life, including the critically endangered European eel, the common prawn and shore crab now living alongside the oysters.  And this after only one year of operation.